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Founded in 2003, Swedish Thai Culture Society membership is open to anyone who is interested in Thai traditions, history, art, literature, architecture and our society's ongoing mission.


STCS is a non-profit organization. All net results of our activities go to our philanthropic passions. We organize events in Stockholm to celebrate Thai holidays and promote cultural exchange and education via our society meetings and social media, STCS also arranges unique group packages to travel destinations in Thailand.

All of STCS activities are geared up to fund initiatives with the intent to cure disease, children's charities and to help reform education and rural systems in Thailand.

From our perspective, there’s never been a better time where professional development, critical thinking, and innovation in problem-solving has been more crucial in fundraising endeavors.

There is tremendous wealth and potential to resolve perennial social issues if we are prepared to be better, more active partners to social visionaries.

The actual definition of a philanthropist is “lover of humanity"

Art Kosol

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The Thailand Flag was officially adopted on September 28, 1917. Red is said to symbolize the blood of life, white the purity of the Buddhist faith, and blue the monarchy. The blue and white stripes were added to the flag during World War I.

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Thailand, a country rich in culture, is represented by different symbols. The national flag, "The Golden Shower Tree" flower, the elephant and fantastic architecture, each proudly bearing the colors and unity of the country.

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Thailand is often referred to as “The Land of Buddhism”, the best country in the world for those looking to study the teachings of the Buddha, at least the Theravada branch of the teachings. Thailand’s reputation as the center of Buddhism is well renowned, with numerous people from all over the world often times coming to Thailand and even learning Thai so that they can study Buddhism there.

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